The 10 Best Portable Gas Stove Reviews in 2021

No matter if it is for outdoor camping or a home emergency, a portable gas stove is convenient enough to help you with the cooking process. With a considerably high cooking power, the stove is able to give you a delicious meal no matter in what environment. It also provides the best convenience for the storage and transportation as well.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best portable gas stoves. They are highly rated by consumers worldwide to ensure you with the best quality.

List of the 10 Best Portable Gas Stoves in 2021

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10. Coleman Portable Gas Stoves with Wind-blocking Panel

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First of all, we have this portable gas stove from Coleman. It features a high cooking power of 20,000 BTUs. The design integrates 2 burners, and both of them enable adjustment to the most precise temperature control for daily usage. Moreover, it includes the wind-blocking panels to serve as a layer of shield for protection.

In addition, this gas stove is equipped with a pressure regulator. The use of advanced pressure monitor technology is dedicated to deliver a consistent performance for the stove in the long run. This is applied to all weather conditions, regardless of the harshest element.

It is operated on a 16.4oz propane tank. However, the tank is not included in this package. With such a propane cylinder, it can support up to 1 hour with confidence. Last but not least, users are guaranteed with a 3-year warranty for the purchase of this stove.

9. GasOne 8 oz Portable Gas Stoves

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Next, we should take a look at this portable gas stove from GasOne. It can work well with both propane and butane fuels, but the fuel is not included in the package. If you choose the butane fuel, you should get a butane tank with the capacity of 8oz. On the other hand, for the propane cylinder, it can be up to 16.4oz.

It features an electric ignition function, so that you can get rid of the use of matches to create the flame. It is also very easy to use with the heat dial included for you to adjust the temperature with convenience. This is very desirable when it comes to the camping or hiking time in the outdoor setting.

Also, there is a pressure sensor to ensure the safety for you. Once it detects an abnormal pressure, it will automatically eject the cartridge for you.

8. GasOne Portable Gas Stoves for Camping

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Here comes another portable gas stove from GasOne. It is compatible with the use of butane, and it allows the 8oz of butane tank to work with this stove. It is so portable that you can solely rely on it during a camping trip. This is also ideal if you have a home emergency.

The safety standards of this stove are tested and certified by the CSA, which means it is recognized in both the United States and Canada. It also features an auto off system, which requires no lighters in the operation. You can depend on the electric ignition to do the job for you.

In order to make the storage and transportation even more convenient, GasOne has included a carrying case for you to store the whole stove inside. For the installation process, on the other hand, users can refer to the user manual and get it done easily.

The heating power of this stove can reach up to 9,000BTU in one hour.

7. Coleman Portable Gas Stoves with Adjustable Burner

Best Portable Gas Stoves in 2021

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This is another model of portable gas stove from Coleman. It features an outstanding electric ignition function. This does not include a lighter or match in order to light up the fire. After it is on, it can heat up to 7650 BTUs in only one hour to supply efficient cooking power.

Moreover, the stove is designed ideally for the pan size at 10 inches in its diameter. If you operate the stove based on an 8.8 ounces butane tank, you can have the stove on for about 1.25 hour or 75 minutes. It is built with an adjustable burner, so that you can get the most precise temperature control by simply making customization to the burner.

Also, the stove is coated with porcelain, and this makes it super easy for the maintenance and cleaning. After using, users can simply wipe clean to make it ready for the next time. With the carrying case provided, it is portable and convenient for the transportation without having to worry about breaking any parts of it.

There is also a 1-year warranty to cover the quality of the product.

6. GasOne Pressure Sensor Portable Gas Stoves

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Now, let us give our attention to this portable gas stove from GasOne. It is compatible with 2 types of gas or fuels, including butane gas and propane gas. However, the gas is not included for you. The stove design makes it compatible with either an 8 oz butane cylinder or a 16.4oz propane tank. If you decide to use the propane cylinder, make sure that you prepare your own propane adaptor.

One of the most significant features of this gas stove is that it does not require a lighter to ignite the flame. It is also very easy to use since you can make proper adjustment to the temperature by using the heat dial. This is ideal for camping or hiking use, but users can also integrate it as part of home emergency appliances.

For the safety measures, it is equipped with a pressure sensor to control the pressure system for you. There is also a wind blocker to make sure that the strong wind will never turn off the stove on any occasions. Also, a carrying base is offered for you to make the transportation easy and simple.

5. Camp Chef Affordable Gas Stove

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Moving onto the next portable gas stove from Camp Chef, it is available at the most affordable price to all of us. It is built with 2 burners, and both of them are made from cast aluminum to withstand a long term usage even with the toughest application. It features an extremely high heating power, which can go as high as 60,000 BTUs in only one hour.

The cooking height of this stove is measured at 32 inches, and it will never bring any burden or discomfort to your standing position while cooking. The stove is also built with detachable legs, so that you can take advantage of it while in need. For the storage, you can simply remove the legs to get it compact.

In addition, the wind screen is designed and equipped on 3 sides, and therefore, users will no longer worry about the wind blowing off the flame again.

4. GasOne Piezo Ignition Gas Stove

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This portable gas stove from GasOne is also worth taking into consideration. It is made with high safety standards, and it is approved by CSA for the best safety. It is operated on butane fuel, but it is not included in this package. Still, you can easily find this on the market.

This butane stove is able to deliver the best performance at up to 10,000 BTUs of heating power in only one hour. It features a piezo ignition, and there is no need of light or match to get the flame. There is also a safety lock as well as the pressure sensor function to control the pressure of the fire for you.

The level of the flame is fully adjustable based on your demand. Also, the grate is designed to be long enough to ensure the best stability in the long run.

3. Iwatani Lightweight Gas Stove

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For this portable gas stove from Iwatani, the design is both portable and lightweight. The stove measures its weight at only 2.2 pounds. It is highly recommended by consumers worldwide, having its overall ratings at up to 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It is so slim that it is only about 74mm in thickness. However, the construction is strong and sturdy to withstand a long term usage. It is also very easy to use and monitor the temperature with the adjustable burner included.

After using, it requires a low maintenance effort, which means the cleaning process is easy enough to finish within minutes only.

2. Coleman Gas Stove with Pressure Regulator

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What about this portable gas stove from Coleman? It is made in the United States, and it is tested and approved by the local safety standards. The height of the stove is about 6.62 inches, while the width is measured at 7.81 inches.

Although it features a small and compact size, the cooking power is high enough. It is measured up to 10,000BTUs with confidence. Moreover, the stove is built with a pressure regulator in order to control the pressure level for you. This is to maximize the performance no matter which condition you are in right now.

The stove is also built with more efficiency since you need less fuel in order to operate the stove if compared to the older models. It is equipped with only 1 burner, and it is adjustable according to your demand. Last but not least, the stove is suitable for a pan with the size of 8 inches.

1. Coleman Gas Stove with 2 Burners

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Last but not least, we have this portable gas stove from Coleman again. It comes with a high cooking power, which can heat up to 22,000 BTUs in only one minute. It features a push button design to make the ignition easy and without the use of lighter or match. Moreover, it is built with 2 burners, and they are both adjustable to make the most precise temperature for you.

In addition, after you are finished with the job, it is very easy to do the cleanup for the stove. The stove is plated with chrome, and the cooktop is made from aluminum. This saves you a lot of time and energy from doing the cleaning.

Last but not least, the quality of the product is guaranteed on a 3-year warranty for you to ensure the best peace of mind for this purchase.

Buying Guides

The portable gas stove is so important that it determines whether you can get a delicious meal or not on the camping or hiking trip. So, below are the criteria to help you decide whether the stove is a good one and suits your demand.

Material: the use of material is important to construct. Regularly, a good stove is made from cast iron or aluminum to ensure durability.

Burner: a good stove comes with 1 or 2 burners in order for you to make the precise temperature control. Users can make adjustments based on their demands in the cooking.

Matchless ignition: this is another desirable feature since you no longer have to use the lighter or match to ignite the flame. You can take advantage of this feature to save you a lot of time and energy.

Pressure regulator: this is another component that makes the stove an outstanding piece. The reason is that it regulates the pressure for you and ejects any irregular pressure from the surrounding environment.

Wind blocking panels: since the stove is used in an outdoor environment, it is very difficult to control the wind level that might blow off the flame. However, with a wind blocking panel, the strength of the strong wind is minimized to the least, so that you can enjoy the consistent level of flame.

Warranty: you should look for the stove that includes at least 1 year of warranty to maximize the consumer satisfaction.

Carrying case: this is included to make the transportation process convenient for camping or hiking.


So far, we have walked you through the top 10 best portable gas stoves. If you are looking forward to having an outdoor trip soon, make sure that you add this stove to your buying list as soon as possible to get it ready to serve you.

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